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Remodels and New Pools

The Smart Choice

40+ Years of Experience

Quality Service

Affordable Pricing

SmartPools & Spas is a family-owned local Arizona business that prides itself in remodels and new construction. We have been in the industry for more than 40 years and are here to help develop your dream pool.

Call us today and get a free estimate (602)-538-5938

Make the Smart Choice!


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Let your dream vision come to life.


Allow us to take your old pool and make it new by enhancing tile work, expanding its size, to adding a gorgeous water feature and more.


New Pool

Do you have an itching for the creation of your dream pool? Tired of an ugly yard? Want it turned into a pool park or a quiet escape that you can sip on a cup of coffee or drink a bottle of wine? Let SmartPools make that dream come to reality by building a custom pool for you and your family. 

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We can take your pebble and reimagine it through resurfacing. Want to change the color, clean it up, or even add mosaic art in your pool.


We can do that!



Decking is key to a beautiful retreat: it helps enhance the structure, form, and comfort of your pool. With the smartest technology, we help dress up your pool and cool your feet. We know how hot it gets in Arizona.

Let us design a deck you will be proud of.

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Water Feature

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From small ponds to towering waterfalls, we can create, out of rocks, clay, and cement a paradise of running water.

Boulders, tile, riverbeds, water bowls, and so much more await you and your family. 


Plumbing & Electric

We build everything when it comes to your smart pool, even down to the plumbing and electric. There is nothing more dangerous and worse for a pool than rusty pipes and loose wires. We are the smart choice for your safe and smart pool.

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Meet The Family

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With more the 40+ years of experience, we treat you like family.

Meet our team, our role models, our heroes, our founders, and our family.

We would love for you to know us, so we can know you!

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